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AMD FX-6100 95W Piledriver Six Core 3.3GHz CPU w/ Cooling Fan - Golden + Silver sante fx v santen fx v plus cooling eye drops with vitamins
Brand AMD Series FX-6100 CPU Socket Type AM3+ Core Piledriver Multi-Core Six-Core Operating Frequency 3.3 GHz L2 6 MB L3 8 MB Manufacturing Tech 32 nm Thermal Design Power 95 W Features Instruction setMMX (+) SSE (1 2 3 3S 4.1 4.2 4A) x86-64 AMD-V AES A; Dynamic frequency: Max. 3.9GHz; BUS frequency: 3.2GT/s; Slot type: Socket AM3+; Core code: Bulldozer; Memory controller: DDR3 1866 64bit CPU; Diameter of cooling fan: 7cm Packing List 1 x CPU 1 x Cooling fan (20cm cable) 1 x Multi-language user manual
8598.66 RUR